Veggie Pizza

Veggie Pizza

I had this wonderful appetizer at a church coffee hour and knew it would be a favorite among my friends. I found it on-line and here it is. It’s quite easy to make, and a double recipe makes more than enough for a large cookie sheet and a smaller one. A regular size cookie sheet works for a single recipe. Double or single — it’s delicious and makes many appetizers when cut into 3 inches squares. Make sure you have recipes to hand out to your friends. You can also get creative and use all kinds of veggies that you enjoy.

2 packages refrigerator crescent rolls
2 – 8 oz pkgs cream cheese (light works)
3/4 cup mayonnaise (low fat works)
1 package Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing — (dry mix)
4 to 6 cups chopped vegetables*
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese — optional

Press the crescent roll dough in a large greased jelly roll pan, sealing all perforations. Bake as directed about 10 minutes. Combine the cream cheese, mayonnaise and dressing mix (can add chopped chives, dill, a few drops of hot sauce, etc.) and beat until smooth. Spread the cream cheese mixture on the cooled crust and sprinkle the chopped vegetables (and cheese if desired) over all. Chill and serve!

*veggie ideas: red, green, yellow pepper, red onion, cauliflower, radishes, tomatoes, olives, dill pickle, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms

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