Austria Here We Came

Leaving Telfs in the morning, we headed for Innsbruck and learned we had two choices of travel. One was a railroad ferry which we’d traveled before. This means putting our car on a railroad bed and, while riding inside, travel through a mountain.
Since the ferry was pricey, we decided to drive through the mountains.

As you can see from this photo, the drive takes forever and is frightening. Little or no barriers along the roadways and miles and miles of winding roads through the Alps.  Views were amazing, but we spent much of the time in prayer for safety.

Once leaving the mountain road, we had the interesting experience driving through the small principality of Liechtenstein, about 62 miles square. Beyond the sign, you will see one of the two castles in this area. The Vaduz Castle, pictured,  is still home to the Prince of Liechtenstein.  Liechtenstein is the smallest yet the richest country in Germany with a very low unemployment rate.

Further along we stopped for in a small town which we learned was near another town called Heididorf, supposedly the village that inspired the book Heidi.  It was an hour away, and even though my sister and I pouted, we made no impact on the men who wanted to reach our next desination near Innsbruck

Further on we decided to spend the night in the smaller town of Telfs only a few miles from Innsbruck.  The town was charming and we enjoyed visiting the lovely St. Peter and Paul Church.

We found rooms in Hotel Munde and enjoyed the very attractive setting.  As you can see it was sunny and bright in the bay window area.  For some reason we had beds for three people.  We only used two.

That night we opted for dinner in an Italian Restaurant which we enjoyed for a change, and the next morning after breakfast we arrived in Innsbruck and went straight to the Olympic Stadium which is always our highlight in Innsbruck, and this time we had a big surprise.

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