Cherries In The Snow

This recipe is delicious and can also be made as a diet dessert by using fat and/or sugar free ingredients. It’s delicious and guests will think it took much longer to make than a few minutes. You can vary this dessert by using apples or strawberries rather than cherries.

Cherries In The Snow
1. Purchase an angel food cake and pinch or cut it into bite size pieces.
2. Fold in a 16 oz tub of Cool Whip.**
3. Mix in a regular size can of cherry pie filling** and save a few berries to decorate the top.
4. Refrigerate until time to serve.

**Angle food cake is already a healthy alternative with lower calories than most cakes. To keep this a low fat dessert use low fat or low sugar Cool Whip and sugar free canned cherries (or a lite version).

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