Matterhorn in Zermat – Thrill of a Lifetime

My sister and I stopped to enjoy the flowers as we walked toward the famous Alp, the Matterhorn.  Though not the largest or tallest Alp, its shape is distinctive.

I’d never been in Zermat and was surprised to learn that visitors cannot drive into the town. Only residence and service vehicles can use the streets because of the number of tourists. Even the taxis stop on the outskirts of town.  We stayed in the town of Tasch and took a taxi, then walked through the town to reach the best view of this amazing mountain.

Before we arrived where we had the best view, we stopped for lunch at Cafe du Monde.  Our taxi driver told us this was a good place to eat. We enjoyed a salad and then continued on our way. Here you see my sister Jan, her husband Max, and me.

The first sighting of the Matterhorn was between two buildings. Another tourist took a photo of the four of us with the Matterhorn peaking above us between the two buildings.

Although this wasn’t a great view, we were excited, but we had no idea what was in store for us further up the trial.

It’s funny how anticipation can motive us to hurry along, especially when the destination is one that we could only imagine.

I was blown-away by this view.  The beauty cannot be appreciate without being there, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Bob and I enjoyed having our photo taken with the Matterhorn behind us.

We took a different route back to town along the River Vispa, formed for melted glaciers and certain times of years creates white water, good for rafting.

The whole area is known for hiking and mountain-climbing.  One of my fellow authors told me her husband climbed the Matterhorn.

Back in town, we happened upon a plaza area with a small stage and musicians reading to present a program for the visitors.  These men are playing Alpine Horns. Their concert was followed by a concertina and other musicians entertaining us with folk music that included the spoons, wooden sticks and other unusual instrumentation

For dinner that night, I had one of the dishes I wanted to eat while in Switzerland. This is Rosti. It’s like a huge potato pancake made with potatoes, onion, eggs, flour, salt, pepper, and fried in butter and vegetable oil. I loved it.

Always try foods for which a country is famous. That’s part of the overall experience.  If you use these places as a setting for a novel, you can speak with authority.

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