The Schilthorn Alpine Mountain and Village of Lauterbrunnen

Near Grindelwald is another village called Lauterbrunnen that is known for its waterfalls and the cable car system that takes visitors up to the top using three different cable cars.

The town itself is restaurants, hotels and shops catering to visitors who want to mountain climb and also visit the Schilthorn, rising to 2, 970 meters into the sky. It is part of the Bernese Alps, looking down the village of Lauterbrunnen on one side and Bern on the other. It is the highest mountain in this range of the Alps.

The cable car station — called the Pfingssteggbahn — stands at the bottom of three cable cars.  The first takes visitors to the village of Gimmelwald where they must leave the car and enter a new one that goes to Murren, a town unreachable to roadways.

In Murren, we boarded the final car to the last stop, the amazing Schilthorn Viewing platform.  If you look closely, you can see my sister ands I looking down toward my husband who is taking the photo. We’re right in the middle with no one standing next to me on my right . .  your left.

The view is awesome.  We are above the clouds and its mind-boggling to know how far we are above the three villages below.

Here you can see the cable car system and the small building on the side of the mountain.

As we descended, we stopped in the unique town of Murren that has no motor vehicles since there are no roads. The town is dependent on the cable cars and helicopter, I suppose.

We’re strolling along the only main street in Murren.  You can see my sister, me and my brother-in-law.

We stopped to eat lunch there which included a salad which Bob and I shared and creme brulee which we also shared. Dessert makes a great lunch.

The view from Murren shows the  spread of the small town and the view the residents enjoy daily.  Truly this is almost unspeakable beauty.

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