Ski Jumping in Innsbruck

One thing that we all know we’ll see when it comes to the Olympics are the five rings and the torch.  The Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck in 1976 and won out over the United States by one vote.

We’d visited this stadium before but had limited facilites and very few tourists.  This visit we were surprised to find a tram that took us to the top of the jump site where we could view the jumpers and see the great view of Innsbruck

You may notice that in front of the yellow building is a cemetery.  This is the view the ski-jumpers see when they are taking off.

Hmm?  Not something I would want to think about.

This year we had a double surprise, along with the revamping of the stadium, we also were able to witness ski jumpers, but since it was summer, they were not using snow but a fabric that is slippery like snow that allowed them the same flight into the air. We enjoyed it so much.

If you look carefully, you can  you can see the jumper aboved the white ridge near the top on the right.

Below my husband snapped a photo of this one as he headed down the jump.  Here he is still in the air. What a treat it was to watch them for an hour or so.

When we left Innsbruck, we headed into the Bavarian part of Germany.  It was our 27the anniversary and we’d set our goal to be in Mittenwald that evening.  We made it. That day we stopped near Fussen to visit the Linderhof, an amazing palace built by Crazy King Ludwig who spent a fortune building one palace and castle after another.  He was raised in Hohenschwangau by his father Maximilian and became King of Bavaria from 1845 until 1886. He died of questionable circumstances.

This view of the Linderhof Palace is from the terraced area of the grounds looking down to the excellent landscaping and the fountain.   Ludwig was a patron of Wagner and off to the right he also built a grotto which was a theater in a cave where Wagner operas were performed.  Visitors can go inside and see some of the sets and the swan shaped boat that floats in the small grotto lake.   The rooms of the palace are lavished with gold and crystals. Swans are a motif that runs throughout most of the Ludwig Castles.

The fountain goes off every hour and spouts about 25 meters high. It is one of many water features on the palace grounds which are extensive.  Other buildings on the grounds include: Moorish Kiosk, Moroccan House, Hunding’s Hut, and Venus Grotto.   This is just one of Ludwig’s architectural wonders.  Neuschwanstein will be another coming up.  It is known as the castle Disney used to create the Snow White Castle in Disneyland.      That night we headed for Mittenwald in Bavaria and enjoyed our anniversary dinner at the Post Hotel where we were staying.

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