A Taste of Switzerland

Nothing is more beautiful than the venues in Switzerland. The Alps are amazing and the small towns nestled around them are unique. Before we hit the Alpine area, we stopped in two major cities—Bern, the captial, and Lucerne.

We arrived in Berne on a rainy day.  We decided to make the best of it, and stopped first at the bear pit where bears spend playful time entertaining the visitors with their antics. From the bear pit, we could look down into the town and got a great view of the lovely Aare River which has influenced the shape of the city into a peninsula.  The water gets in color from melted water from the glaciers in the ‘Berner Oberland’. It’s amazing to see, and sometimes in certain light appears white.

The town has arcaded streets with about 100 fountains that decorate the pedestrian area beside the colonnades. In the same area is the famous astronomical clock that keeps regular time but also keeps track of the moon phases and the zodiac. It’s unusual shape and appearance makes it one of the most viewed sites in Berne.

The rain continued and so our trip to Lucrene was cut short.  Again the river has the unusal whitish color. The old bridge that spans one side of the city to the other has a long history in the city. Often it is decorated with colorful flower boxes and the beams over head are painted wtih murals and sayings although this photo is too dark.

Our goal that night was to reach Grindelwald where we would stay for two days. The surroundings are absolutely gorgeous deep in the Alps with the jungfrau and Eiger viewed from the city. This view is the beginning of our journey past Interlochen Lake to the mighty Alps.  You can see them amid the clouds in the distance.


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  1. A J Hawke September 10, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    Having lived in Switzerland and with family still there, your photos left me longing for another trip. You just cannot visit those mountains often enough. Lauterbrunnen is my favorite place to stay just south of Interlaken. Hope you find it as peaceful and restful a place to visit as I do.
    Great pictures!

  2. Gail Gaymer Martin September 10, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    Hi and thanks for dropping a line. I love Lauterbrunnen. We’d been there before but went again for my brother-in-law and because we enjoyed it. We went to the Shilthorn this time and stopped in Murren again. We stayed in Grindelwald. The photos are tremendous. I’ll put them up tomorrow. Stop by again.

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