Eching Germany and the Oldest Brewery in the World

one thing I look forward to in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are their breakfast.  This isn’t what I’d eat at home, but I can’t resist it here.

Our hotel had a wide selection for breakfast including cereal and even some American foods such as scrambled eggs and bacon,  but the meat selection is what I head for.

Meat and the wonderful array of breakfast breads and pastries.

They have a wide selection of jams and marmalade as well as fresh and sometimes dried fruits and nuts.

One of the things we’ve done in this area is visit the famous Weihenstephan Breweri. My brother in law Max is standing beside the sign which says in German below the logo, the oldest brewery in the world.

The mural depicts the winemaking process and has been on the building since it’s beginning in 1040.  This is also a school for people learning to be beer makers.

Here you see the capping process following the bottling of the wine. The tour is interesting but the scent of yeast and grain is very strong.

This was the day I discovered that my computer had either a virus or damaged files.  I learned it was the latter after bringing it home.  I hated being without my computer – and the hotel was gracious to let me borrow there.  If you look carefully at the keys, you will note that using it was a challenge.  It differs from our keyboard with some of the alphabet in different locatons and many of the keys were for the accent markings needed for German words. Take a good look at the keys.  :  D

Our last evening in Eching we enjoy having dinner with Bob’s family.  They picked us up in our hotel and took us to a German restaurant where I was greated with a lovely surprise, a bouquet of flowers given to me by Bob’s younger cousin Herbert who  also paid for our meals.

We loved seeing Herbert’s parents, Lani and Herbert who speak only Germany so I did my feeble attempt to talk a mix of English and German and accuate the meaning with my form of charades. :  D

Another cousin, Reinhold, who lives not too far away, joined us and he is planning to visit us in the U.S. perhaps next year.  We would love to have him visit.

Herbert’s daughter Nina also joined us and it was great to see her too.  I learned that she is on Facebook and so we’ve connected there, and I’m sure she will check out these photos.

When the evening ended, we always find it difficult to say goodbye. We are loving family but live thousands of miles apart and our visits are always precious to us and to them.

And here’s the whole group of us. I’m in the back row left next to Nina, then my husband Bob and Reinhold. Front left Herbert, Henri and Leni.

You can see the beautiful bouquet of flowers in the center.

After Munich we headed for Dinklesbuhl and Rothenberg ab der Tauber before heading to Frankfurt and home.

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