Munich, Germany

Rather than fight traffic and search for parking, we decided to take the train into Munich.  We stayed outside the town a few miles and were closer to Bob’s relatives who live in the area. The train stop was very close to the Old Town area of Marienplatz.

The most reknown building in the plaza is the New Town Hall, called Neu Rauthaus.  Not only is it an outstanding example of Gothic style archecture. Also noted in the famous Glockenspiel or carillon that plays at 11 AM, 12 noon, and 4 PM.  At 11,  The figures perform the Cooper’s Dance

A small reminder of home, my husband couldn’t resist taking a photo of Munich’s Hard Rock Cafe.  This might be the old town but it’s still modern.

No one comes to old town Munich without stopping by the famous Hofbräuhaus. It is known for it’s entertainment, good food and hosting the October Fest in September in Germany.

We’ve attended a number of their folk dance programs here, but this night they only had one of the famous Oompah bands.  We did eat dinner there, and when they say zwei paar wurst, they aren’t kidding.  This was my meal.  Can you imagine four sausages with cheesy spaetzle.  I’ve eaten spaetzle many times and make it in my home, but this visit, I was introduced to spaetzle with cheese and it is yummy. . . but fattening.

Two more blogs to go before I say goodbye to my European trip.

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