The Firefighter’s New Family – by Gail Gaymer Martin

The Firefighter's New Family  The Firefighter’s New Family is available in stores at the end of December but it can be preordered now through most online book stores.
This is Book #2 in the Sisters Series (Book #1 Her Valentine Hero)

A tornado may have left Ashley Kern injured beneath a fallen tree, but it’s her rescuer who plays havoc with her emotions. Firefighter Devon Murphy is everything the single mom could wish for in a husband: handsome, a doting father and ready to join his family to hers. But how can the pretty war widow make a life once more with a man whose career is full of danger? Devon has fought some pretty big battles in his life, but can he help Ashley conquer her fears and show her the safest place of all is in his arms?

Excerpt from Chapter 1

When Devon heard the 911 operator say “Help’s on the way,” he ended the call and surveyed the damage. As he headed toward the downed lines, a child’s cry jerked his attention across the street. The toddler stood beside an uprooted tree, one limb jutting through the front room picture window while the rest covered the driveway and part of the lawn.

Devon darted across the street, dodging a fallen tree limb and scooped the toddler into his arms. “Why are you out here alone, son?

Where’s your mother?”

The boy’s tears rolled down his cheeks as he clutched Devon’s neck. “Mama’s under the tree.” With hiccuping sobs and fear growing in his eyes, the toddler pointed at the tree..

Devon dashed around the trunk, stepping over broken limbs while clutching the boy to his chest. His gaze swept over the limbs sprouting new leaves and blocking his view. His own fear heightened. Where was she?

“Mama, get up.” The toddler flailed his arms toward a heavy limb close to the side door.


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  1. Wilma Frana December 1, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    This sounds like a great book, I’d love to read it.

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