Guess Who’s Coming To. . . CAN Spring Scavenger Hunt

CANHuntSpringLogo04Beginning noon, this Friday, March  21, you will have a full week to join in the fun of an online Scavenger Hunt – Catch Us If You CAN. 

What is a scavenger hunt? It’s a seven day opportunity to make 30 stops at various blog sites and collect clues that will lead you to the answer you’ll need to be part of a great giveawayPrizes valued at over $300.  First prize is a $200 gift certificate from either Christianbooks, Amazon or Barnes and Nobel plus a novel from each participating author. 2nd and 3rd priazes are a $50 gift certificate to any of the three online bookstores above.

How can you go wrong? You can’t. You will have fun visiting website and learning about new and familiar novelists, having an opportunity to be part of the novelists’ individual giveaways, and collecting clues to answer the question at the final stop for the grand prizes.

Want to see where it begins?  Take a peek here.

Wishing you the best as you join in the fun.

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