Evolution of a Novel – Rescued By The Firefighter.

Rescued By The Firefighter
Some of my novels seem to write themselves, and Rescued By The Firefighter is a good example. It is the last book in the Sister’s Series and was set up in the second book of the series, The Firefighter’s New Family. The characters appeared in that book with backstory already built in and though I planned the final book wth a different story idea, when my editors weren’t thrilled about my final story idea, Paula and Clint’s story came to life. Funny how the obovious sometimes hide in the resesses of our minds and only peek out when the situatoin is desperate.
Though I’d been disappointed about the first idea—which wasthe two sisters  learning they have a half-sister that their mother gave up for adoption when she was young and unmarried. So that fell flat and the series is called Sisters — so what do you do?
I decided theat sisters didn’t have to be blood sisters. They could be sisters of the heart and so Neely and Ashley’s lonely, troubled cousin became the final story in the Sister’s series. She is like a sister to them and that’s all I needed.
About the book:

A Fresh Start 

Paula Reynolds is looking for a new job, a new home, a new everything—except for love. Determined not to repeat old mistakes, she’s staying away from romance. She never counted on falling for handsome firefighter Clint Donatelli. Clint is used to saving lives, but with the beautiful Paula, he faces a challenge. Getting to know her is a daunting task, especially since he’s just as wary of relationships. When he learns a stunning secret from her past, he must choose—to live the way he’s always lived, or trust in a new love.

As I wrote this final novel for the series, I was grateful the editors rejected the other story, and now I’m particularly happy when I hear readers reactons. Though this is the last book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.


Paula’s determination to change and her emotional growth are realistic. Readers will clearly see the characters’ vulnerabilities. The pace is steady pace and the conclusion satisfying in the final Sisters story. Review from Romantic Times: 4 stars.

Readers Reviews from Amazon:

5  Star – This author, Gsil Gaymer Martin, writes about real life experiences, bringing meaning to her readers.  Reviewer K.E. Fay –

A Wonderful Story of Forgiveness  – 5 Stars
 I like how Gail Gaymer Martin uses real life issues that connect real people and real problems in her stories. I relate to the characters feeling a part of the story.  Reviewer J Probst

Very Inspiring Read  – 5 Stars
Rescued By The Firefighter is the third book in the Sisters Series by Gail Gaymer Martin. I’ve not read the other two books in the series yet, Her Valentine Hero and The Firefighter’s New Family, but just went online and ordered both of them. This book is easy to read and nothing gets confusing by not having read the other two first. So don’t feel that you have to get and read them first before you can read this one. It is just fine as a stand alone novel.

Paula Reynolds has faced so many horrific things in her life. She never knew her father. Her mother, who jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend, never seemed to want to be a mother to her. Her mother then dies leaving Paula a home that she has to try to do omething with. And really wants nothing to do with any of it. Then on top of that Paula has been through a terrible relationship
that has her feeling like she will never be able to trust and love again.

Clint Donatelli is one of the firefighter’s in Paula’s new town of Ferndale. He is a dear friend of her cousin Ashley’s new husband Devon. Clint went through a terrible breakup three years back when the woman he was engaged to and thought he would spend the rest of his life with walked out on him for a man with money and stature. Since then he hasn’t even let the thought of finding
love enter into his mind.

So we have two people, who have both been through so much, who somehow find their lives joining together. They both have
so much to work out though before they can move forward with their relationship. Will they let there pasts go and move forward together? Or will their pasts keep them from having a wonderful life together? Especially with Paula’s past and lack of faith in the Lord. And Clint’s past coming back to haunt him when his ex shows back up in town. Can Paula and Clint see past all of their fears and make their relationship work? Read this wonderful book and find out.
Reviewer M.A. Young

GoodReads Review

Very Inspiring Read -5 Stars
This is a really sweet romance. The kind that makes you smile and sigh and feel gooey inside. But it’s not so sweet that it’s nauseating like you’ve eaten too much candy. Paula and Clint are very likeable so I was eager to see how they’d handle the obstacles on their road to their happily ever after. The plot is character driven. There’s lots of internal dialouge and introspection that  allows us to grow along with the characters. As always Mrs. Martin brings a maturity to her characters and and an organic spiritual thread. Lots of clean romance balanced with realistic hurdles that the couple must overcome in their relationship. Clint is a fun take on the alpha hero. He’s been burned by an old flame. But instead of letting the scars affect the way he treats women he waits  patiently for the right woman to let his guard down with. Paula has a lot of guilt about her past but shes’s working hard to find beauty from the ashes of her mistakes and build a better future. This is the final title in the Sisters series but can be read as a stand alone. We get to catch up with characters from Her Valentine Hero and The Firefighter’s New Family. It was a fantastic way  to wrap or begin the series.

Reviewer Heather Harden .




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    I received your book and wanted to thank you.
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    • Gail Gaymer Martin April 26, 2014 at 10:47 am #

      So glad they arrived.

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    I have this book now and I’ll be reading it soon!!! Looking forward to this read Gail! 🙂

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