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I gave up booksigning a few years ago when I realized that even though I sold books, the time it took to prepare for the signing and the time spent watching readers dodge my booksigning table was hardly worth the hours away from writing.

I enjoyed meeting readers, and I had followers who showed up for most every signing. They loved to have the latest novel autographed and I always gave away little gifts to those who purchased a book. But the event does take time.

New authors love to have their books in the stores, and it’s thrilling to sometimes see a line of people waiting for your book. Talking with readers and signing  books is a great way to bind a reader to an author. If the readers love your novel, they will want the next. They will remember the conversation with you and will want to attend the next booksigning. If they can’t atend, they may still want to purchase your next book.

Positive and Negative
So there are positive and negative points to doing book signings. I still participate in activities when they are book fairs or attached to a conference. Then authors have readers who are eager to talk and to have authors sign their novels. One of my favorite book fairs is Writers On The River Book Fair in Monroe, Michigan at the Monroe County Library on Custer. I have been participating in this event for years and can count on returning readers who are eager to talk and purchase my latest novels. I won’t miss that.

Support Independent Booksores
So why then have I agreed to participate in the Blue Frog Christian Author Booksigning?  I do have reasons. Supporting independent bookstores is a mission. We are losing the big stores with the popularity of digital novels, and though a greater number readers still buy books, more often they purchase them on the Internet in a bookstore of their chosing. It’s less effort, they can read reviews and the back cover blurb and even read a sample of the first chapter. They can have them shipped free if the bookstore has special deals, and often the books are less expensive than in the stores.

This is one reason, I like to sell my books at a discount. Some bookstores are willing and I like that they want to encourage readers to come in, browse and enjoy the experience.  So on that note, you will find me at Blue Frog Books in Howell, Michigan, 3615 E.  Grand River Ave. from noon to 2 pm. (517) 552-6080.  Below are details and read about who will be there with me.

Christian Fiction Afternoon

 SATURDAY, JULY 12th, 12:00 pmBlue Frog Books welcomes authors, Marianne Evans, Linda Glaz, Gail Gaymer Martin, and Kathleen Rouser

Marianne Evans with her book, “Devotion”, a novel about lost love and second chances. “Devotion” was also the winner of the Booksellers Best Award and the Acra Award of Excellence.

Linda Glaz with her book, “Bride by Necessity”, a novel about one woman’s safety from an unthinkable fate and the growth of love and trust. Linda is an author, agent, veteran, mother and grandmother.

Gail Gaymer Martin with her book, “Treasures of Her Heart”, a novel about a woman looking for a life with deeper meaning and finds herself caught in temptation and mystery. Gail has authored numerous books and has millions of copies sold.

Kathleen Rouser with her novella, “The Pocket Watch”, as a part of the “Brave New Century” anthology. The story follows a young doctor and an orphan as they search to find love and hope for the future. Kathleen is a gifted writer and is doing her first signing.  Please come out to support her efforts.

I’d love to see you there and especially to support this independent bookstore.

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  1. Jane Squires July 8, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    I have never been to a book signing. I would have to drive 80 miles to find one. This rural area does not have anything like that.

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