Two Sweet Romances Live Again – Gail Gaymer Martin

Years ago when I first started writing, my excitement was bigger than my senses. The Love Inspired line (with three books a month) couldn’t keep me busy, and so I asked for ideas on what other lines I might write. At that time, Silhouette Romance was a popular line, sweet but without faith content. Excited about the possibility, I finally had one book accepted, Her Secret Longing, and then sold, “Let’s Pretend…”  But the two books, though good stories, had been difficult to write. The content that I loved was the faith thread woven through my other novels, and so I decided to stop writing the sweet romances and continued with the Love Inspired line which began to grow and needed more stories for the line. So my sweet romance career ended, but I am still pleased with the stories I wrote. Though they had been out Her Secret Longingof print for many years, except in foreign  countries, I was happy to learn they are now available as eBooks.

If you enjoy sweet romances and especially if you have enjoyed some of my Christian novels, I invite you to take a look at these new books. If you click on the covers on Amazon, you will be able to read the beginning chapter or two of each novel. Both novels are fun, lighthearted and romantic.




Her Secret Longing  — Sweet Romance

Digital $3.99

 KATHRYN’S PLANS FOR A HOME                                                                          

1) Hire a strong, successful contractor.
2) Stop shivering every time he looks my way.
3) Work with him to get the house just right.
4) Invite him for candlelight dinners.
5) Relax on the porch and talk about the day’s projects.
6) Touch his shoulder as he passes by.
7) Wonder about the secrets he’s hiding 8) Confess that I’ve never been really kissed—and ask for his advice.
8) Hope that he volunteers to do the teaching!
9) Dream about the children we might have one day.
10) Make plans to keep him around forever…?

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Let's Pretend ... Let’s Pretend. . .    — Sweet Romance

Digital – $3.99
About Let’s Pretend. . . 

In high school, Derek Randolph had been the bane of Jessamy Cosette’s existence—now, he was a very sexy bachelor with a killer smile. No wonder Jess had agreed to play his doting girlfriend for a few weeks to help him secure a promotion. Jess soon found herself hoping Derek had truly changed, because their pretend romance was becoming far too real….

Derek couldn’t believe it! The skinny girl he’d tormented in high school had become a gorgeous woman, and Derek longed to show Jess just how he felt about her. Could these former enemies become more than friends? After all, Derek was willing to bet that things could be a whole lot sweeter if they stopped pretending…

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