Book Alert – A Way To Be In The Know

alert_sign Everyone likes to know when a deal is available. If you love antiques, you are intrigued by yard and estate sales. If you’re a fan of steaks, you fly to the grocers who have great steak sale. If you love to buy clothing or shoes, guess what you look for. 20% and 30% off.

The same holds true for book readers. We love to hear about new releaswes and everyone likes good deals on books. Publishers as well as Indie authors provide readers with opportunities to purchase their books on sale and even free for a few days. If you miss the short open window, you kick yourself.

So If you read Christian fiction and enjoy novels of all genre, you have an opportunity to subscribe to Book Alert from Gail. I know many authors well, and they’re providing me with information about their new releases, sales and free books so that I can share the information with you.

It’s easy to subscribe and your email address is protected by MailChimp @ Click here to subscribe to Book Alert From Gail.  The emails will only occur when I have book news to share so if you love to read and enjoy book discounts or information on hew releases sign up for this special Book Alert.

Remember, books make great gifts all year long.  Happy Reading.


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  1. Janet Estridge December 1, 2014 at 2:04 pm #

    I would rather give books to a child for Christmas than a toy that is easily broken or forgotten the next day.

  2. Cheri Oggy December 11, 2014 at 3:28 am #

    I ALWAYS give books as gifts to all of my grandchildren. As a matter of fact my 11 year old granddaughter has just tested reading and comprehension at an 11th grade level and she is in the 6th grade! I am so proud of her.

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