A Romantic Suspense Christmas Novel – Finding Christmas by Gail Gaymer Martin

Finding Christmas Christmas novels are among readers favorites, and this novel will grab readers who love romance and suspense.  Finding Christmas is back again, now as an eBook.

When I conceived this novel, set in the real Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe settled around the amazing Lake Saint Claire, I didn’t realize how much work it would be to write. I knew nothing about phone tapping or phone tracking, and yet I had a murder mystery, anonymous phone calls, and a mother, who three years after the death of her three-year-old , began to suspect her daughter was not dead but living. She’d lost her husband in the same tragic accident when his car slipped off the highway on an icy winter’s evening and sank in the bitter cold Lake St. Clair.

But how does a mother go to the police and insist they help her find her deceased daughter? This dilemma creates an exciting story of a determined mother who sets out to prove her daughter is alive.

With the amount of police and detective details I lacked, I visited the Grosse Pointe police station on a Sunday and learned  the detectives weren’t in on the weekend but would be available on Monday. I left my business card which the clerk said she would give it to the detective when he arrived on Monday morning.

On Monday morning, I made the call, and I still laugh remembering that day. I explained who I was to the clerk and she said she would put me through. When I heard the detecive’s voice, I said, “This is Gail Gaymer Martin, and I’m the one looking for a good place to kill someone along the lake in Grosse Pointe.”  I was greeted with utter silence, except for a slight gasp. Realizing I had confused the poor man, I reminded him that I was the novelist who’d left my card. He burst into laughter and that began a wonderful and very helpful relationship.

To add to the story, I was surprised when he appeared at my book signing at a bookstore in Grosse Pointe. His wife purchase thirty novels to give as Christmas gifts since I’d acknowledge him in the book and also gave another detective in the novel his name.  This is a lesson in when contacting a detective be more specific about who you are and also ask him if you can use his name in the book. How can a person resist not buying a book that thanks him in the acknowledgments and uses his name for a character.

A few reviews from Amazon.

Finding Christmas by Gail Gaymer Martin is not the Christmas story I expected. I expected a sweet love story and was pleasantly surprised and immediately drawn in to a story of suspense, heartache, and forgiveness. I do believe this is my favorite Gail Martin book yet! Amazon Review: Sherri Johnson

If you are looking for a book full of suspense with romance thrown in, this is the book for you! I found myself picking this book up every chance that I got. It was a good attention grabber right from the beginning. At times I felt like I was right there too! I hope everyone will have a chance to read Finding Christmas. I highly recommend it! Amazon Review: Judy K. Burgi

Finding Christmas is at times a heart-wrenching story of terrible loss – and a heart-warming story of dramatic recovery. This is truly a fantastic novel. It brings home the Christmas season any time of the year. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more of Gail Gaymer Martin’s books. Review by Amazon Customer “Blogger, Lost and Found”

Finding Christmas Excellent!!! I had a hard time putting this one down. I have lost my copy but want to buy another one. Keep up the great writing. Review By the sleepy reader “sherri” (michigan)

Buy yourself a Christmas gift and enjoy this book.

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  1. Linda Kish December 2, 2014 at 9:16 pm #

    I’m sure that would shock any police person that you, or any other author, would call. That’s a heck of a starting point for a relationship. But I guess they would know that information. How funny.

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