Thanksgiving Blessings.

Give-Thanks Most everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. It’s the day we commemorate the Pilgrims surviving another year in the new world. It’s a time of eating turkey and stuffing or perhaps a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, a multitude of vegetables and always serving corn. And then there’s the traditional pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
How can we not be thankful for those blessings.

But is that all of it? Do we sit around the Thanksgiving table while each person names one thing he or she is giving thanks for? Do we think about the year and all that has happened? I fear that so much of our lives we take for granted and I am as guilty as anyone.  I took my husband’s presence in my life for granted, until he spent two months (January and February) in the hospital followed by another month of outpatient treatment. Seeing the specialist continues to this day after being diagnosed with a rare blood immune disease that has an 85-90% mortality rate.

Do I take him for granted now? No. I praise the Lord daily for my husband sitting across from me at breakfast and laying beside me each night.  Do we thank the Lord each day for our employment, for a healthy family, for getting us through a horrible health issue, financial or threatening situation that somehow we survived?

Thanksgiving is a time to really take a look at life, health, and faith. Are you thankful when you open your eyes in the morning to see the sunrise? Do you drive home from work, to the market, or to visit a friend and praise the Lord for getting  there safely? These are other thing we take for granted.

Life is always on the fringes.  With one false move or one bad decision, danger lurks, but somehow each day we crawl into bed and awake in the morning.  On this Thanksgiving Day take a few minutes to really look at your life, the good and the bad that you’ve survived, and say thank you to family, friends, and the Lord for allowing you to spend another day under the sun.

Wishing you every blessing throughout the year with a grateful heart.
Happy Thanksgiving

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