Writing A Christmas Novel

Upon A Midngiht Clear 2000Some of the best selling books happen at Christmas time or ones that focus on other holidays. I have written many Christmas romance novels. The one pictured was my first Love Inspired and Upon A Midnight Clear became a big seller and an award winner.

People love books about those special times of year, and they Finding Christmas 2005stimulate a variety of stories for authors whether suspense,
romance or family sagas. Besides romances and a few Christmas suspense novels as Finding Christmas,  pictured here also an award winner.

Why are these novels so popular?

Christmas time is nostalgic for most people. I pulls us toward memories of families gathered together, baking cookies, decorating trees, singing carols, Christmas surprises as we open  gifts. Even in places with no snow, we picture making snowmen, snow angels, and having snowball fights. It pulls our emotions out of hiding and causes readers to cheer on the happy-ever-after ending of a romance, or to forgive family members who have stirred up problems or to find the bad guy so Christmas can be joyful.

For those of faith, Christmas draws us into the beauty of our churches, the children’s Christmas programs, the pageantry of the Christmas story. We sing familiar carols and light candles amid the elegant church decorations. Again, we find families and friends visiting those who we haven’t seen for a while or those who we long to see…and sometimes those we’d rather not see, but then, that’s life.

Use Interesting Settings:

with Christmas In His Heart 2006One of my favorite Christmas novels that was also an award winner is a story set in the famous Michigan location of Mackinac Island in the Straights of Mackinac. With Christmas In His Heart has humor as well as romance and bundles the reader into the warmth of a story set in a “back in time” setting. This island has no cars or trucks. Even the police are on horseback. It’s a world we don’t know but it is here in Michigan at the very end of the mitten.

My most recent novel from Love Inspired is another Christmas storyA Husband For Christmas - LD set on Lilac Circle, a street in the city of Owosso, Michigan. A Husband For Christmas is the tale of one of the Lilac Circle residence who readers has met in  A Mother To Love, the first book in the series. We enjoy their Christmas and the problems the characters face during another Christmas story.

If you are a novelist, think about writing amazing stories set at Christmas time with so many experiences you can pull from your own past. But don’t forget New Year’s Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July for readers in the U.S. These popular novels are on the list of readers’ favorites. Fill them with emotion, excitement and experiences that they relate to, then write a great story, and you have a sure book that will last in time and be a favorite.

Wishing you all Christmas joy, peace, love and blessings.


LR Gail 3 2015

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