Is Proper Grammar Your Nemesis?

!cid__1C79DD7A7CA140ADACDA91B7CFD44BE2@YOURD0F670B45A_Being a fiction writer, I try to use the kind of grammar my characters might use. Some people value proper grammar and would rather eat dirt than use the wrong verb tense or split an infinitive. And some wouldn’t know what an infinitive was. But as a former English teacher and a fiction writer, I sometimes get irked when I look at a sentence and question myself. Is it lie, lay or lain?

Here’s a way to help you remember which is correct, and if you don’t care,  you might still enjoy this little ditty. Thanks to Steve Laube’s blog that shared this video a while ago. Leave a comment and share some of your grammar likes, dislikes or struggles. You’ll be entering my free book drawing when you do.

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