My Life on the Rocks – Gail Gaymer Martin

bob-and-i-at-bell-rock-2015 I was born and raised in Michigan and thought I’d be there forever…and nearly was, but life has a way of changing things. While Michigan is beautiful with hills and mountains, islands, forests and water of all kinds from the Great Lakes to inland lakes, and winding rivers and creeks.

I’ve always love Michigan but something happened about seven years ago when we began spending winter in Sedona, Arizona. Like a magnet drawing us to the amazing landscape, we grew to love it more and more. And so our new life now began on the rocks.

The home you see  in this photo — all three parts are the house — is what we purchased. We  4-running-springs-full-viewhad rented the house on the hill for six years and looked down at this long ranch which was a rental and  wondered what it might be like to lie here.  We put in a bid and here we are, living on the amazing red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

So what does this mean? Our lifestyle has changed in many ways, but my writing continues though I know I will see one change. While many of my 68 published novels are set in Michigan, I expect you’ll be reading many stories set in the Sedona area. Already, I have written two books set in the unique small town of Tucumcari, NM.













The two books above revolve around two estranged sisters whose lives are impacted by the town known for it’s forty murals depicting Rte#66 in it’s heyday. The third book, Be Mine In Tucumcari will be out in a few month and focuses one sister’s best friend, so the first two book’s characters are there too. Lots of fun writing it, and I have Sedona ideas piling in my mind so you’ll hear about those one of these day.

IMGP3096All in all, my life on the rocks is amazing, and I wouldn’t’ change it. If you haven’t been to Sedona and the red rocks, don’t miss them. It’s a worthwhile trip plus you’re only two hours from the Grand Canyon.

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