We All Started Somewhere… from Gail Gaymer Martin

writing-paper-and-pencil When did you know you had writing talent…or any talent for that matter? Sometimes, I think, our talents are qualities that we think are normal and we take them for granted. When I was in the third grade my teacher wrote on my report card, “Gail has writing talent.” She based this on poetry I wrote as a young child. I didn’t really understood what that meant then, and it was many years later when I realized that I did have writing talent.

For me it was natural to sit down with paper and pencil and make up things–short stories and especially poetry. My first poems rhymed and I still write lyrics for music which needs to rhyme and have a cadence. Here’s one of my poems from 1994 with some rhyming. My love of music is reflected in some of these poems and sad endings to relationships.


The silent house with empty rooms
Which echoed raucous jug band tunes
From jug, kazoo, and rhythm sounds,
Now sings to me a melancholy blues
And laughter’s ghost shakes silent tambourines.
©1994 Gail Gaymer Martin

As we write, we continue to grow and experiment with style in any kind of writing, we finally find our niche, a place we feel comfortable.  I am a big fan of  E. E. Cummings and later in my poetic endeavors his style influence me to not only writing poems but also allow them to reflect movement in a visual way.

Here is another example.















Though I began with poetry, then to short stories and magazines articles, I finally found my place in the world of writing as a novelist. What is your journey? Where did you begin as a writer? Share in the comments. We’d all like to know.


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