Living in the West

Moving from a place I lived forever wasn’t easy but I knew I would love it here in the West and I do.

In Michigan, my view was houses with lawns of green grass and flowers and trees everywhere. The skies were blue most often with clouds. The seasons saw leaves fall or snow pile up and in spring, trees blossom.

In Sedona, I see red rocks, red dirt for my lawn and instead of beds of many flowers, I see flowering cacti.

Though I miss my magnolia tree outside my office window with the green grass and the flat streets, I love the red rocks, Lee Mountain

and the inclines and challenges of walking on our streets. but I do it to lose weight so it works.

The other delight that’s new to me is the cactus flowers that bloom at random and surprise me each day as I go out to walk or get the mail and there they are. Colorful blooms of red, yellow, pink, purple and every blend of color.

Life is different but it inspires me to write new settings and lifts my spirit.

There are always surprises and for a flower lover, I’m getting my fill with our outside wall filled with roses and the amazing cacti that makes us smile with their surprise blooms.

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