Confession of a Traditional Author turned Small Press

As a traditional writer for 20 years, I worked under contract with deadlines, often pushing myself, neglecting friends and family and missing out on a great deal of life. Yes, I earned a healthy amount of money, but as time passed, and life became weighted with pressure, I realized it was no longer for me, and yet, I had a head full of stories, a pile of rejected book proposals that I loved, and the desire to keep writing.

At the same time , we decided to make a dramatic move 2000 miles across the country from Michigan to Sedona, Arizona where we had been spending our winters for a number of years. I had fallen in love with the amazing red rock country, and though Michigan had always been my home and I thought I could never move away, we made the decision and I am thrilled to be here in this gorgeous village in the Southwest .

Along with leaving traditional published and moving to Sedona with year round lovely weather, gorgeous scenery, I now have new inspirations for story plots. Lost in Red Rock Country is one of those inspirations. A family member had a frightening experience on a hike one afternoon, and the plight inspired a new story. So the above book is now on sale at Amazon along with Lattes and Love Songs which is a short novella also set in Sedona. I have another inspiration for a story set in this area as well, and it will be written soon.

And that’s another part of my writing life that has changed. Without pressure but still deadlines I can control, I am still writing numerous books and enjoying it more. My publisher, Winged Publication, inspires ideas, encourages collections and series books, and supports authors in methods of promotion.

The other bonus is that since I have been writing books for many years, some of my older novels are ready for reversion, and I have obtained the rights again to publish the books. These are my earlier novels that most of my present readers have not read. When the books are returned to me, I upgrade them with my present quality of writing, and I add elements that were not popular or used with the earlier books, such as cell phones and the Internet. It’s been fun reading the older books and making the changes that often make the story better. Autumn Fresh Beginning is one of those books.

Another feature of my reverted books are ones that are in a series. The Loving Series has seven connected book with characters featured in one book who are still part of the secondary characters found in the next book. It’s fun for readers to follow their lives, but for me, very difficult to keep everything straight. With my experience of writing 78 novels, I am enjoying my new life as a small press writer.


Public Appearance

If you live in the Verde Valley, Cottonwood or Sedona, Arizona area and would like to meet me, you have two opportunities. I’ll be speaking at the Cottonwood Public Library on Wednesday, October 25 at 3 p.m. on the top What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up along with eight steps to success.  And I will be part of the Book Fair on Saturday. October 28 at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to noon along with many of my new books and giveaways.  I’d love to see you there.

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  1. Colleen L. Reece May 25, 2018 at 12:53 pm #

    You just told my story! A writing student sent me the site and said, “This sounds like you.” She’s right. Decades with traditional publishers before God brought me to Winged Publications. I just signed up for your blog. Would you like to be featured on Reece’s Ramblings? I showcased Cynthia and got over 200 visits.

    The cover of “Lost in Red Rock” brought back memories of the area which I love and have visited many times. I have set several books in northwest Arizona. Latest is “Flower of the West,” #2 in my newly-issued, 4-title ROMANCE BOUQUET collection. The heroine becomes a Harvey Girl at the Fray Marcos Hotel in Williams in the early 1900s.

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