What to Consider As You Purchase a Toaster or a Novel.

Whenever we shop, we study or research the product before we purchase. We look at the item we want to buy through newspaper and TV ads or literally head to stores. We want a product that is well made, meets our needs and has a good price. The same needs go for purchasing a book. We look at the covers, the blurbs that gives us an idea of the stories theme, and the genre, and we look for a good price.

As a novelist, this means that I have to consider all of these ideas as I prepare my next story that will grab an audience who, in my case, enjoys romance. We must consider cover quality, one that shows the type of story it will be, whether a comedy, a suspense or mystery, a thriller, or a romance that deals with all aspects of life, even the hardships, the personal struggles, and the secrets.

As I write the novels or novellas, I hope that an element in each story offers something to touch someone’s life and heart. My Loving Series deals with a woman how has been the caregiver for her elderly parent’s as her own life passes her by and you meet her two unappreciative sisters. Another novel centers around  an abused woman trying to save herself and her young son from the horrors of her husband’s wrath, or there’s  the story of a young woman who has faced breast cancer and believes that she is no longer a complete woman who could be loved by a man, and  the story of a young widow with nothing except the help of her eccentric mother in law, and the stories go on.

Since manly of us are dog lovers, I created a few novels that feature dogs. 
The most recent, Teacher’s Pet, is the story of a young woman longing to begin a dog shelter to train dogs to be adoptable and to help her special education students learn through the dog training. The story is humorous, poignant, and most of all romantic.

A Wildflower kind of Love is a reissue of my novel Where Wildflowers Grow. The small town story introduces Sandy, a young teacher pink slipped from her job and dealing with her broken engagement. Back in her home town, she enjoys the hills, flowers and memories of her past, but most of all, she is attracted to a man who is scarred by his childhood and dealing with guilt following his wife’s death. Despite the characters struggles, the story has humor, excitement and again, romance.

If you are a reader. please know that authors are hoping to involve you in a good way with the stories’ problems and the joys, and hoping to cover topics that mean something to you. Let us know through your Amazon comments. They help us hear what you like and they also help readers considering to buy the book.

Thank you for your faithfulness to reading.

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