Setting Helps Define the Story Plot

I’ve been writing fiction for at least twenty years, and for most of those years, I lived in the Detroit suburbs of Michigan. My parents owned property on the tip of the mitten which is the top of the lower peninsula. Most of my novels are set in those areas or set on some of the Michigan Islands that I visited. I like to write about places I’ve been. I also have a few novels set in foreign countries, places I have spent time with enough background and information to write a novel with good descriptions and Information.

I know that writing novels means writing fiction, but I want my fiction to be believable so I spend a great deal of time researching the many situations and incidents that I include in the story.

An exciting change for me is that we have moved after a lifetime in Michigan to Sedona AZ and you might have spotted some of my most recent work that includes the red rock country. In this book cover, you see a hot air balloon over those rocks, and yes, I have been on two hot air balloon rides.

But one thing I’m also enjoying is that a setting helps create story plots. For example, in Michigan, although we have dude ranches with horse trainers and managers, we have no real western cowboys. That new concept has led me to new stories that include horse ranches, riding, and cowboys.

The plot of Love in the Air involves a young woman searching for adventure and fun, such as riding in a hot air balloon and also learning to ride horseback. I’ve done so much research on horses and horseback riding that recently I got a catalog in the mail called Back in the Saddle. I laughed at that but it does validate what you research online is gathered by many sites. So be careful with your research. This story is fun, touching and a treat for readers who enjoy the western flavor of life on a horse ranch.

Love in the air is now available on Amazon. Drop by and read more about it at

And the next book I’m writing will feature two characters found in Love in the Air. It will be my next book out this year, titled Sedona Sunset.

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