Writing a Series. Be prepared. From Gail Gaymer Martin

In my years of writing fiction, I’ve written a number of novels in a series. Three books is the usual with connections most often on a town, a group of people (family or friends) or a main character who has a variety of experiences, such as you would find in a detective story.

But a while ago, I think I lost my head. I wrote a seven book series, based on people who worked at a Resort in the town of Loving, Michigan which is fictitious. (Not Michigan but the Resort 🙂 I soon learned that writing more than three books can get extremely complicated if the characters from the first book are going to be found in the seven books which is what I did.

What a writer must do is keep detailed notes. Descriptions of the setting and the characters, ages, relationships between the people, places these people visit, shop,  live,  and work–where ever they might see each other again. The Loving Series begins with Loving Treasures, which happens to be the name of the store where the first characters work. During this book, the reader will meet other people who will show up in the other stories so notes should be taken on those situations too.

Here’s the back cover blurb for Loving Treasures

Jemma Dupre, a young childless widow, longs to be independent, but she has no resources and Claire, her mother-in-law is the only family Jemma has. When Claire decides to move back home to Loving, Jemma follows her to the resort town, and with the help of Claire’s wealthy cousin, resort owner, Philip Somerville, Claire opens a boutique, Loving Treasures, Jemma works with her but wants a life and home of her own. When Philip offers her a job, she finds herself attracted to him and declines. But Philip, who had loved and lost, wants to give Jemma the world, yet first he must show her and himself the treasure of a second chance at love.

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