Say Yes in Tucumcari

Third book in the Tucumcari series, Touched By Love In Tucumcari.

After experiencing unhappy romantic relationships, Shelly Dawson avoids all male prospects and devotes herself to her position in a men’s clothing store, but when she convinces her best friend to make amends with her estranged sister in Tucumcari and then learns her friend has fallen in love and will stay there, she decides to surprise her with a visit. But when she arrives she meets her landlady’s grandson, Mike Elliot who has come for a visit and also with a secret he needs to share if he can find courage. With Shelly’s best friend and her friend’s sister already seriously dating, she finds herself in the company of Mike. Though he is attractive and very nice, her past fears and flaws knot her into confusion, and what could be a step forward becomes a backslide, especially when she learns her job at the clothing store is in danger. As time heals her wounds, a new piece of information puts their relationship in jeopardy unless she can understand that the news only adds to their relationship and is a blessing.

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