To Keep Me Warm (novella)

His novella , first published in an anthology called Home for Christmas, is now out of print. Two of the stories are available as eBooks. This is the last book in the series which captures the full essence of the story and gives a satisficying ending including a question that runs throughout the stories. The answer is here.

Tim Richmond, a widower, is left to raise his young disabled son. Separated from his three sisters at a tender age and raised by an unloving aunt, Tim longs to find his missing siblings as well as give his son a home filled with unconditional love. Further, he is drawn to capable and independent Julie Gardner, though he knows there is no hope for a relationship; she doesn’t need him. Or does she? Then, at Christmas, a gift he never imagined possible proves faith, love and blessings can make his life whole again.

If you would also like to read the first book in the series, Heart Full Of Love, visit Colleen Coble’s books at most online bookstores.



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