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Mahogany Rocking Chair

The Mahogany Rocking Chair -Using Real Life

For a number of years, I freelanced for magazines before I began writing fiction. I sold almost everything I wrote and was thrilled how well my work was received. One of the things I wrote that was published and sold again as a reprint was an article called The Mahogany Rocking Chair. This was a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Blessings.

Most everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving. It’s the day we commemorate the Pilgrims surviving another year in the new world. It’s a time of eating turkey and stuffing or perhaps a ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, cranberry sauce, a multitude of vegetables and always serving corn. And then there’s the traditional pumpkin pie with […]

Visit Owosso, MI, the setting for Lilac Circle Series, And One Of Its Stores With A Sense Of Humor

Steve Laube’s Fun Friday introduced a Disney-type promo shows a novel view of the magic of a store in Owosso, Michigan (store 2772), the location of my next novel series, Lilac Circle. Owosso is a unique small town filled with interesting events, places and people. Lilac Circle is a cul-de-sac street made up of a variety of […]

Bob in CCU 2015

Learning Through Adversity

My husband and I love to travel. We’ve enjoyed many foreign countries and also many beautiful and interesting places in the United States. For the past few years, one of our favorite places is Sedona, Arizona, where we enjoy part of the winter in a townhouse we rent. We golf, hike, visit the many amazing […]


Symbolism by guest Stephanie Prichard

One of my favorite options of this blog is inviting guest bloggers to share their ideas on using the various elements or techniques in the craft of writing fiction. Today my guest is Stephanie Prichard who has  co-author a faith-filled novel with her husband Don. Not only does she share ideas on using symbolism to enhance the meanings within your novel, but also is […]

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Collection

Christmas: Moments To Remember

Most of us are too young to remember these wonderful old days, but our grandmothers or great grandmothers will. These were the times of small towns, community, and people caring for people. At Christmas it meant chopping down a Christmas tree and decorating it with many homemade ornaments, such as: stringed popcorn or cranberries, adorned […]

Blue Frog Bookstore

Let’s Talk About Book Signings

I gave up booksigning a few years ago when I realized that even though I sold books, the time it took to prepare for the signing and the time spent watching readers dodge my booksigning table was hardly worth the hours away from writing. I enjoyed meeting readers, and I had followers who showed up […]

Curwood Castle built in 20s by novelist James curwood

Do You Research Your Setting?

I have learned over time if I want to write real I need to visit the location of my novels if I’m using a real location. Creating a fictitious location is easier, but you’ll find bonuses in writing about real places. The first bonus is visiting a town that you have never been to or […]

TreasuresofherHeart LD

Novel Proposals That Didn’t Sell

Although you love a story idea and can’t believe your editor will pass on it, sometimes it happens. This novel was one of them. I had called it a different name, but today Treasures of Her Heart will be available very soon. We all have them, and I will admit some of the first might […]

Tree-type cross

Original Poem on Easter To You From Me

A Tree Man looks to trees For signs of Changing seasons, Soft greens and bursting buds of spring, Leaves full and summer green, autumn’s aging hues, And dead leaves drift from barren winter limbs. We see the tree’s seasons as the stages Of our lives from birth to death. And so it was a tree […]