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LD British Brides Collection

March 1 release – The British Brides Collection with Gail Gaymer Martin

The British Brides Collection, including my novella Apple of HIs Eyes, set in Victorian England will be in stores where books are sold and online bookstores in March. I’m particularly excited about having this novella come to life again, because it was based and inspirted by a true story in my family  history. In real life, […]


What’s Cookin’? – Another true story

I’ve enjoyed sharing my short stories with you, but this is one that’s about a real incident in my life. It will make you realize all families have a bit of craziness. That’s why they’re fun.  I grew up in a time when wearing brand name clothes wasn’t heard of by the average home. People […]

Christmas Kite - reissue.

The Christmas Kite available again.

 The Christmas Kite has been one of my favorite books and my reader mail attests to its impact on many readers. The novel is set in one of my favorite Michigan locations, Mackinaw City on the tip of the “mitten” as we call it. It’s on the Straits of Mackinac and across the straights about […]


Dreaming of Castles: humor and romance released as an eBook now

 Set in Heidelberg, Germany, Dreaming of Castles is one of my favorite novels and my 2nd book published. It’s been out of print a long time, and now it is back to life with humor and poignancy in a gorgeous setting. Dreaming of Castles, Chapter 1 Opening Scene by Gail Gaymer Martin Released soon on Kindle […]


Looking for Love — and the Scissors

    Jill Brady darted forward to catch the cantaloupe as it rolled from the kitchen counter. It hardly seemed worth grocery shopping anymore. Being alone felt horrible She grabbed the carton of eggs and shoved them into the refrigerator. The eggs reminded her of her marriage to Kevin—fragile and breakable. They had been walked around […]



   At the age of eleven the world suddenly took shape, colors became deep and brilliant, the chalky hieroglyphs on the blackboard became words that I could read. That was the year, 1948, that I was prescribed glasses. In my new world of color and clarity, it was all so amazing, and with eagerness, I […]


Memories of a Cottage: A True Tale

Years ago, time seemed to move more slowly. People took time to “smell the flowers.” Families sat down together at dinner and went for Sunday drives with no particular place to go. Pressure was in tires, not in lives. These times, remembered, seem to drift into my thoughts gently like autumn leaves. Growing up, we […]


Football, Story Plot and Me with my 50th novel release.

My whole family is sports fans. Living in Michigan, they support the university games as well as the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons. As part of the the family, every holiday I’m faced with watching one of the sporting events–sometimes two or three and don’t forget golf.  We watch those games too.  In high school, I attended all the […]

Christy Award logo

2012 Christy Award Nominees

Congratulations to this year’s Christy Finalists. I’m thrilled to see so many authors I call friends as well as many who’s work I respect and enjoy. The Christy is the top award for Christian fiction and equals the well-known RITA award of romance novels in both secular and Christian fiction. The winners will be announced […]

Gail Gaymer Martin Honored in the Detroit Area

At the end of last year, I was thrilled and honored to learn that my bio appeared on CBS Online local news with the headline Best Local Authors in Detroit. I thought it was a mistake. : ) When I clicked on the article, there I was listed with Mitch Albom, Gary Graff, and Elmore Leonard. […]