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DETROIT LUTHERAN SINGERS — Christmas Concerts — Love to See You

Sing We Noel! Featuring favorite Christmas carols, including works and arrangements by Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Christiansen, Parker & Shaw, carol singing with the audience and an opportunity to join the Singers in the Hallelujah Chorus! I’m thrilled to be a member of this wonderful chorale that presents concerts all over the metro-Detroit area four times […]


Family Christmas Tradition – 12 Days of Christmas

I tried to put this on my site – but it’s not cooperating so if you’d like to hear the horrendous grand finale of our family’s rendition of the last verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas, here you go. You’ll find me there on seven swans a swimming. Trust me. Many of us can […]


Old and New Christ-focused Christmas Traditions

I’ve enjoyed sharing traditions with you this Christmas season. One of my families traditions is we don’t listen to Christmas music until the official day which is Thanksgiving Day. The radio makes that difficult but I found stations that didn’t play seasonal music until the “official” time. We’ve done this for years, and I love […]


A Christams Tradition from Abroad

The first two traditions are from Karen who lives in Australia. In this case you need to remember, the seasons are opposite in the land down under. Summer is the cold weather and winter is the warm. Karen said: This will be an odd one for you ‘White Christmas’ folk, but we generally have an […]


More Christmas Traditions

Each Christmas when my family is together, we divide into eleven groups and sing The Twelve Days for Christmas. We all beging with On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree. Then each person or small group continues with thier assigned day. Now if everyone […]


Traditions of Christmas

Christmas is that time of year that many people treasure. When we think about the holiday, we recall so many family gatherings and traditions that the family keeps each year. These traditions become important to us, and they trigger wonderful thoughts of family, friends, and special times in our lives. One of my traditions is […]

single angel

Another Favorite Quote from a Writer

As Christmas arrives, a time of angels and dreams, I want to share another thought with you. This angel by the way is one on my mantel from my angel collection. I mentioned a while ago that I’d gathered some authors favorite quotes to spur them on with their writing, but these quotes are wonderful […]