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Tucumcari - Del's Rte sopapilla with honey

A Trip To Remember on Kindle and Paperback

First in the Tucumcari Series. When Skylar Littleton stopped for the night in Tucumcari on her way to visit her estranged sister in California, her trip became literal when she tripped over a dog’s leash and broke her right ankle. Her life becomes even more tangled with the dog’s owner, Doug Elliot, a doctor and […]


Is Proper Grammar Your Nemesis?

Being a fiction writer, I try to use the kind of grammar my characters might use. Some people value proper grammar and would rather eat dirt than use the wrong verb tense or split an infinitive. And some wouldn’t know what an infinitive was. But as a former English teacher and a fiction writer, I […]

Romance by Design 3 green

In 2 Days – Get Ready For A $.99 Launch

On July 15, Romance By Design will be available at the sale price of $.99 for one day only. The price will then revert to the regular price of $3.99. Romance By Design, is a novel I wrote  that didn’t fit my traditional publishers guidelines, but it’s one I love and wanted to see live […]

Visit Owosso, MI, the setting for Lilac Circle Series, And One Of Its Stores With A Sense Of Humor

Steve Laube’s Fun Friday introduced a Disney-type promo shows a novel view of the magic of a store in Owosso, Michigan (store 2772), the location of my next novel series, Lilac Circle. Owosso is a unique small town filled with interesting events, places and people. Lilac Circle is a cul-de-sac street made up of a variety of […]

Let's Pretend ...

Two Sweet Romances Live Again – Gail Gaymer Martin

Years ago when I first started writing, my excitement was bigger than my senses. The Love Inspired line (with three books a month) couldn’t keep me busy, and so I asked for ideas on what other lines I might write. At that time, Silhouette Romance was a popular line, sweet but without faith content. Excited about […]

Our Crazy English Language

How can mate, eight and strait  same sound the same and yet are spelled differently? That’s our crazy English language.  I dislike saying English, because I know the Brits are probably curling up their toes. To them, American’s slaughter the English language, and we probably do. And I know people from other countries wonder about us too. If […]

Remember Typewriters?

I recently went to a handbell concert that did this great number called The Typewriter.  Watch an orchestra perform this interesting song.

What Did You Say?

Imagine learning to speak English while listening to our American way of saying words. You think French and Chinese are difficult? Take a lesson from this video.


Dreaming of Castles: humor and romance released as an eBook now

 Set in Heidelberg, Germany, Dreaming of Castles is one of my favorite novels and my 2nd book published. It’s been out of print a long time, and now it is back to life with humor and poignancy in a gorgeous setting. Dreaming of Castles, Chapter 1 Opening Scene by Gail Gaymer Martin Released soon on Kindle […]



   At the age of eleven the world suddenly took shape, colors became deep and brilliant, the chalky hieroglyphs on the blackboard became words that I could read. That was the year, 1948, that I was prescribed glasses. In my new world of color and clarity, it was all so amazing, and with eagerness, I […]