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A Hike on the Wild Side by Gail Gaymer Martin

Sometimes it’s hard to face that certain times of life, we can’t do what we might have done ten years earlier. Living in the beauty of Arizona and surrounded by the amazing red rocks, I love to get out and walk while viewing the amazing scenery. Walking is something I can do, but so many […]

Deck view - shrubless

The Pain and Joy of Moving

In the beginning of September 2016, this huge moving van pulled in front of our new house with our life in boxes. We moved 2000 miles across the country leaving family, friends, banks, stores, doctors, and life behind us in Michigan. And why would we do this? Because we fell in love with Sedona, AZ. […]


My Life on the Rocks – Gail Gaymer Martin

I was born and raised in Michigan and thought I’d be there forever…and nearly was, but life has a way of changing things. While Michigan is beautiful with hills and mountains, islands, forests and water of all kinds from the Great Lakes to inland lakes, and winding rivers and creeks. I’ve always love Michigan but […]


What Makes A Successful Person?

Most everyone wants to be successful. Sadly more often most of us are unsuccessful — or sort of successful. So what does it take. Dan Barbow’s article on Elect To Be Successful appeared in early November lst year on Steve Laube’s Blog and focused on the election, but in that article an interesting study prepared by Mary […]

Bob in CCU 2015

Learning Through Adversity

My husband and I love to travel. We’ve enjoyed many foreign countries and also many beautiful and interesting places in the United States. For the past few years, one of our favorite places is Sedona, Arizona, where we enjoy part of the winter in a townhouse we rent. We golf, hike, visit the many amazing […]

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Collection

Christmas: Moments To Remember

Most of us are too young to remember these wonderful old days, but our grandmothers or great grandmothers will. These were the times of small towns, community, and people caring for people. At Christmas it meant chopping down a Christmas tree and decorating it with many homemade ornaments, such as: stringed popcorn or cranberries, adorned […]

Curwood Castle built in 20s by novelist James curwood

Do You Research Your Setting?

I have learned over time if I want to write real I need to visit the location of my novels if I’m using a real location. Creating a fictitious location is easier, but you’ll find bonuses in writing about real places. The first bonus is visiting a town that you have never been to or […]

Balloon over the valley.

Fresh Spirit, Fresh Ideas for Fiction

How often do you see what some call Buttermilk skies? Traveling through the Kansas prairie, this sight amazed me. When we view new places, experience new adventures, breathe in the fresh air of a new environment, novelists are inspired to new and creative ideas. I’ve had this experience for the past few years, spending time […]

What Did You Say?

Imagine learning to speak English while listening to our American way of saying words. You think French and Chinese are difficult? Take a lesson from this video.



   At the age of eleven the world suddenly took shape, colors became deep and brilliant, the chalky hieroglyphs on the blackboard became words that I could read. That was the year, 1948, that I was prescribed glasses. In my new world of color and clarity, it was all so amazing, and with eagerness, I […]