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New Release: Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher

  One of my favorite posts is when I can share a new release authored by one of my friends. But this isn’t just any friend. Robin Lee Hatcher has been a best seller for years in both ABA and CBA.  She is not only an author but one who has mentored other writers to be […]


Smiling Eyes – Short Story – Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons.

Smiling Eyes – Short story by Gail Gaymer Martin    Erin yanked a file folder from the bin and flipped it open. She turned to her computer, her fingers flying over the keyboard, until the telephone’s ring jolted her to a halt. She grabbed the receiver, tired of the continual interruptions and snapped. “Erin Casey.” […]


Dreaming of Castles: humor and romance released as an eBook now

 Set in Heidelberg, Germany, Dreaming of Castles is one of my favorite novels and my 2nd book published. It’s been out of print a long time, and now it is back to life with humor and poignancy in a gorgeous setting. Dreaming of Castles, Chapter 1 Opening Scene by Gail Gaymer Martin Released soon on Kindle […]


Looking for Love — and the Scissors

    Jill Brady darted forward to catch the cantaloupe as it rolled from the kitchen counter. It hardly seemed worth grocery shopping anymore. Being alone felt horrible She grabbed the carton of eggs and shoved them into the refrigerator. The eggs reminded her of her marriage to Kevin—fragile and breakable. They had been walked around […]

Tiptoeing Around Description

The days of literary fiction are gone forever. Though some still write literary fiction with the long rambling descriptions and mental probing of life and times, the reality is popular fiction that sells forces authors to do a dance with description so that it brings the story to life but is purposeful. This is a […]


A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS that began with a mail order catalogue.

   I enjoy sharing one of the new releases from my author friends. This time it’s more than one friend andmore than one story.   A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS   by Debra Clopton, Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher   It All Started with an Ad in a Mail Order Bride Catalogue… Melvin Hitchcock […]

Romance Without Words

Romance Writers: Here’s a complete romance without words to enjoy. Love it!


Football, Story Plot and Me with my 50th novel release.

My whole family is sports fans. Living in Michigan, they support the university games as well as the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons. As part of the the family, every holiday I’m faced with watching one of the sporting events–sometimes two or three and don’t forget golf.  We watch those games too.  In high school, I attended all the […]

Writing Romantic Suspense

Booksellers say romantic mystery and suspense have become a growing favorite with readers. Many authors are now studying this phenomenon with the hope of turning their romances into suspense-filled stories. Everyone likes a page-turning—a plot that keeps readers glued to their seats and holds them captive until the wee hours of the morning. Nothing can […]


New Release – Doctor to the Rescue by Cheryl Wyatt

I’m always pleased when I can share a new book release written by a friend.  Cheryl Wyatt’s novel published in Decmeber is still a great winter read. And here’s a bonus. When you finish reading the shot excerpt, look below and you’ll find four great recipes to enjoy too.  But now curl up with a cozy […]