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Writing a Series. Be prepared. From Gail Gaymer Martin

Writing a Series. Be prepared. From Gail Gaymer Martin

In my years of writing fiction, I’ve written a number of novels in a series. Three books is the usual with connections most often on a town, a group of people (family or friends) or a main character who has a variety of experiences, such as you would find in a detective story. But a […]

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A Hike on the Wild Side by Gail Gaymer Martin

Sometimes it’s hard to face that certain times of life, we can’t do what we might have done ten years earlier. Living in the beauty of Arizona and surrounded by the amazing red rocks, I love to get out and walk while viewing the amazing scenery. Walking is something I can do, but so many […]

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Christmas Blessings and a Joyful New Year

With Christmas on our doorstep, I know that we are in a fury to finish preparing for Christmas which means shopping, decorating, baking, and planning. Holiday parties are in the air, the scent of spices fill the house, and piles of wrapping paper or gift bags are found in a variety of locations. At least […]

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Treats for those Holiday Parties and Events

December is a month of special events including Christmas and New Year with family gatherings and parties. This year was different for my husband and me since we had moved in August to Sedona, Arizona from Michigan.  But  that didn’t stop the parties. We were more active here than in Michigan, and partly because I […]

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A Troublemaking Charm Bracelet Fork in Romance By Design

A noisy charm bracelet plays an intricate part in my newest release, Romance By Design, a story with quirky humor and romance that pits two interior designers head to head as one fights to keep his top designer reputation and another only wants to bring a splash of Americana and charm to the well-respected company…and yes, […]

How To Pump Up The Sagging Middle – Part 1

How can authors avoid a sagging middle. Recently I presented a workshop to authors in various stages of writing, and as we talked, it’s evident that no matter how many novels an author writes, the sagging middle sneaks up every once in a while. The opening can come easy to writers–begin at the point of change, […]


The Season Of Giving – Gail Gaymer Martin

When Christmas comes around, no matter our faith or religious beliefs, people become more generous. Christmas is a time of giving and helping others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Thanks to Agent Steve Laube for sharing this video a while ago. It touched me enough to want to share it as a Christmas blessing […]

Finding Christmas

A Romantic Suspense Christmas Novel – Finding Christmas by Gail Gaymer Martin

Christmas novels are among readers favorites, and this novel will grab readers who love romance and suspense.  Finding Christmas is back again, now as an eBook. When I conceived this novel, set in the real Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe settled around the amazing Lake Saint Claire, I didn’t realize how much work it would be […]


Are Handbells The Same As Cowbells?

This question may sound silly, but I have met people who do think that when someone speaks about handbells, they’re talking about people who ring cowbells. This is something you might see in folk-type shows in Germany and Switzerland.  The answer to the question, though, is actually no. Handbells are crafted bells using bronze, an alloy that is […]