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Regrets and Resolutions

I read an article online a few days ago about a study that was done on regrets of the dying. Although this sounds like a depressing topic, as a novelist, I not only looked at it in relationship to my life but how the five regrets might affect a character in a novel and how […]


Forget Me Not Romances: for those who like sweets

Forget Me Not Romances I am privileged to work  with an agent, Chip MacGregor, who supports author’s self-publishing efforts. As a hygrid author,  I am published traditionally with my next two contracts bringing out my 53rd and 54th novels, but I’m able to bring to life my out of print novels and novellas as rights […]

Then Came Darkness - Kindle

From Obscurity To Life

Two of my out of print novellas have come to live again through ebooks. I’m excited since both of these stories are among my favorites.  One, Then Came Darkness, is a romantic suspense and the second, An Open Door, is a romance set in Milan and Vencie, Italy and opens the door to show how […]

Enjoy A Wonderful Christmas Song along with a smile.

A Christmas song that will bring a smile or a laugh is this one A Wonderful Christmas Song lip-synced by four young boys.

The Firefighter's New Family

Gift For Pre-Order of Newest Novel – The Firefighter’s New Family

Do you find firefighter’s lives different? I do, especially since writing this book. They live in danger everyday they work to save people’s lives and property.  This book, The Firefighter’s New Family, is the second novel in the Sisters Series. If follows the first novel, Her Valentine Hero, the story of the older sister, Neely. […]

The Big Picture – See The USA in an Amazing Way

I’ve enjoyed visiting many parts of this country, so I love sharing this video that brought back wonderful memories for me. If you haven’t traveled, put it on your bucket list and enjoy this vidoe of American the beautiful.  Our deepest thanks to all those who are fighting for our freedom and for  veterans who fought in […]

Try Something new: Be More Dog

Many of us like to stick to our routines because they’re familiar. It’s scary stepping out into life and trying something new. We are vulnerable and taking a chance on getting hurt or failing. But sometimes throwing caution to the wind is worth every moment and we find we can do far more than we […]

The Conflict Web

 While skimming an article on a variety of writing fiction topics, a new thought came to me—the complexity of conflict. Though I’ve shared many posts on conflict, one element that comes to mind hasn’t been covered, and that is the spider element of conflict. By this I mean, as a spider weaves a tangled web—and […]

How To Read A Book

In the day of eBooks, paper books may become antiquated but this will safeguard the possibility

Self-Esteem And A Message of Hope

Even in good families and communities, some children can grow up lacking self-esteem. It’s an attitude born inside them, often based on feelings and negative experiences, and no matter what the person does, self-esteem can be illusive, but wonderful things can happen. God-given talents can come to the forefront that breaks the barrier and results […]