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Apple Dumplings

One of my readers and a woman who reads every montyly edition of my newsletter has sent in a few recipes. This is another from: IBD Most everyone enjoys dessert or an evening snack, and one that includes fruit makes it a little more healthy than plain sweets, so try this great apple dumpling without […]

Southern Cheese Ball

Another reader shared this Southern cheese ball recipe. Here’s what she said: I’ve gotten tons of raves about this cheese ball – and it can be used for a sandwich/cracker spread as well. In fact, I use it more to create classic appetizers/hors d’oeuvres, etc. I’ve never made another since this one was shared with […]

Banana Pudding Squares

When author Terry Fowler is looking for a low fat dessert for a festive occasion, she uses this wonderful and yummy recipe. Check out Terry’s website: Makes: 24 servings 35 reduced fat vanilla wafers, finely crushed 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) margarine, melted 1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese softened (low fat works well) 1/2 […]

Williamsburg Sweet Potato Casserole

Contributed by Phyllis Patterson of Virginia You won’t use another recipe for sweet potato casserole after you try this one. Great for all seasons! E n j o y ! Ingredients: 3 Cups Mashed Sweet Potatoes 1 Cup White Granulated Sugar ½ Cup Melted Butter – (pure) 2 Eggs, Beaten – (organic) 1 Teaspoon Vanilla […]

Avacado Stuffed Eggs

Avacado Stuffed Eggs My niece who lives in California introduced us to this recipe when she was visiting this Easter. If you like guacamole and deviled eggs, you’ll love this recipe. 4 hard boiled eggs 1/3 cup mashed avocado 1 Tbl minced green onion 1 Tbl minced cilantro ½ tsp lime juice salt to taste […]

Dissecting Your Novel – Part 1

Editing your own work is difficult, because in our minds, each sentence was a gem when we wrote them, but stepping back and looking at your work with new eyes, often means doing some dissecting Sometimes we need to tighten a novel for the publisher’s word count,and always, we know the process improves our writing […]

A Family of Their Own

New Release; A Family Of Their Own from Gail GAymer Martin

I’m often telling you about a book of one of my fellow authors, often friend whom I’ve know for so long, and I love doing that. Another exciting blog is when I can tell you about my latest release which is now in stores everywhere — even check out pharacy and grocery stores.  You’ll never […]


Traveling Or My Own Backyard.

Traveling is always a joy to my husband and I. We love walking through European towns, basking in the quaint scenes, enjoying the tantalizing fragrances of their native cuisine or unfamiliar perfume. We enjoy seeing famous places we’ve read about: Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Heidelberg, Geneva, Athens, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Frankfort, Salzburg, Innsbruck, or Istanbul, […]

Art In The Park

ART IN THE PARK – Featuring Gail Gaymer Martin

An annual event, Lathrup Village, a small city less than 1-1/2 miles square, holds an amazing Art Fest each year on the grounds of city hall and the surrounding park. If you live in the Detroit and suburban area, please take a look at the handmade items on display—jewelry, pottery, art, glasswork, garden decor, fabric items, kid’s toys […]


Spring In Michigan. . .Finally

Welcome to my world. When spring arrived in March no one notified Michigan. We continued to experience cold damp weather and only an occasional glimpse of sunshine. But spring has finally arrived with all its collar, sunshine and hope. The magnolia tree outside my office window is a home for birds and a spectacular beauty. The […]