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Love in the Air

Setting Helps Define the Story Plot

I’ve been writing fiction for at least twenty years, and for most of those years, I lived in the Detroit suburbs of Michigan. My parents owned property on the tip of the mitten which is the top of the lower peninsula. Most of my novels are set in those areas or set on some of […]

The Romantic Hero—Sweet Romance Style

Sweet Romances include all romance that exclude titillating descriptions and sexual content. Inspirational or Christian romance falls into that category so these tips work for both secular and faith-based sweet romances. Many novelists begin the plot with the focus on the heroine, but occasionally the hero gets that opportunity. No matter, the heroine and hero […]

character who understands

Critiquing to Improve a Manuscript

While teaching and critiquing novels at conferences around the country, I’ve learned a number of common problem with new writers. By improving each of the areas below, pre-published authors or authors planning to self-publish will have more polished, professional-looking manuscripts to present to a reader or to an agent or editor. The most common manuscript […]

Article Writing Can Benefit From Fiction Techniques?

Though I have been a fiction writer for a number of years, I began my career as writing articles for magazine, and since I loved to play around with fiction writing and sold many short stories to magazines, I learned that fiction is a great technique to enhance and create meaning for writing articles. First of all […]

Writing A Novella

Writing A Novella Novellas have grown to be popular.  People with limited time to read like them because they can be read in a short time. And most novellas tend to be historical and contemporary novellas. A novella is a short novel, running from 20,000 to 40,000 words, yet is a complete story of two […]

How To Write Great Description

Thanks so Steve Laube’s blog, I have enjoyed numerous amounts of good information to share with writers. This one is excellent since it not only provides great examples on using great description with all the senses, but it does it visually with a video. This video called How To Write Descriptively was written by Nalo […]

Characterization: Journey To Awareness

Every novel moves the main characters toward growth on their journey from unawareness to awareness. This happens in any genre from suspense to romance. And it happens in real life. We all make mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them.  So do all the main characters in a novel when they are confronted with a situation […]

Pumping Up The Sagging Middle Part 2

Besides basic rules of good writing and strategic planning found in Part 1, other techniques to pump up the middle depends on the genre and book length, here are some of them. 1.  Replace Motivation Motivation is what influences a person to create a goal. What is their want or need? What causes the character […]

How To Pump Up The Sagging Middle – Part 1

How can authors avoid a sagging middle. Recently I presented a workshop to authors in various stages of writing, and as we talked, it’s evident that no matter how many novels an author writes, the sagging middle sneaks up every once in a while. The opening can come easy to writers–begin at the point of change, […]


Writing Short Fiction, by Jo Huddleston and book giveaway.

A great exercise in learning the elements of writing a good story is creating  shorter fiction, such as a novella or a short story. My guest blogger today, Jo Huddleston, multi-published author of books, articles, and short stories, will share her expertise on how to write short fiction . Jo is also the author of a new […]