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How Readers Get To Know Characters

Everything in a novel means more once a reader gets to know and love the main characters. It’s like life. You care more about your family, friends and neighbors than you do about someone who lives on the next block or a stranger you’ve never met. What’s helps novelists is to understand the various ways […]

Enhancing Dialogue

Dialogue becomes real when the character’s speak as real people do. We don’t talk in full sentence, and we don’t stand like sticks as we have conversations. Real people emote. Their voice tone and volume change. Their body and facial expression show the emotion and internal reaction to what’s being said. So action and body […]


How characters respond to each other goes far beyond what’s said. Words are easily spoken, but the truth is not necessarily there. People often say what they think others want to hear. This happens in real life and works well in fiction. People observe what’s being said by watching the person’s facial expression and body […]