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Writer’s Block: What Do You Do?

A short time ago I was asked how I handle writers’ block. I’ve been blessed with never having the true writers’ block when I couldn’t write anything at all. But most writers have times when they get to a spot in their fiction and are unsure how to proceed. I’ve experience these moments more than […]

Creative Brainstorming Fiction

A writer friend brought my attention to a website that will give you some very creative ideas to help you with writing fiction. It’s a brainstorming tool that I found extremely interesting.  The Periodic Table of Storytelling is the first page, and though I didn’t spend much time there, I was very intrigued by the […]

Question: How Do You Create A Rough Plot Outine?

Numerous questions were asked by writers in my online course in January.  I wanted to share this one with you.My question is this: Do I start with a rough outline of scenes, using the checklist to insure the scene is driving the story, then go onto adding in sequels and plotting hooks? My response:  I […]

Brainstorm – A Writer’s Tool

Most author’s heads are filled with story ideas. The problem is finding time to write, but on occasion, the mind goes blank, and writers need a little kick, something that will trigger new ideas.  This brainstorming program called The Brainstormer is a tool that can trigger ideas. The wheels can be spun at random or […]


Brainstorming ideas can work wonders for plots and scenes. When tossing ideas into the “hat” nothing is too silly, because even the goofy idea can trigger another great possibility. One method of brainstorming that digs more deeply into a situation is using questions to provoke new possibilities for story conflict. Once you have a basic […]