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Four Personalitiy Types For Characterization

Though I provided this information in March 2011, it’s worth reviewing again, because it provides a major way to create dynamic, three-dimensionsal characters for your fiction. When you locate the various personality types in your story,¬† you can¬†build quality conflicts that catpures readers and hangs on. Though I’d studied the core personalities in my psychology […]

Internet Links for Characterization

When I begin working on characterization, I use catalogues for photographs (various poses of the same model in different clothing and sometimes settings) plus I begin to dig into their past. Through the years I’ve found links that can be very helpful in creating characters and giving them names. Below is a worsheet, I often […]

Internet Links for Characterization

When I teach writing all over the US, I often share this sheet with those in attendance to help them in creating believable characters. I’ve found these links to be helpful in getting a good understanding of my character and by creating a backstory for them. I hope you find these links helpful. Creating realistic […]