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Conflict: Part III: Internal and External Conflicts

Conflicts can be either internal or external. Novels will have both types of conflicts, but some stories will lean more in one direction over the other. Fast paced thrillers are often concentrating more on the External conflict, the driving speed to find the killer or solve the puzzle that will bring a satisfactory ending to […]

Conflict: Part II: Conflicting goals and Loss Factor

Dwight Swain defines conflict as a goal, often two incompatible goals affected by an event that:• hinders• complicates• blocks While a character is attempting to accomplish a goal or address a need, he sometimes faces more than one goal or need. If the character wants to help the poor, as I mentioned in Conflict Part […]

Conflict: Part I: What is Conflict?

Conflict is an intricate part of any novel. It’s multifaceted, dynamic, and draws the reader in with its hooks and power to relate to every person’s life struggles. Conflict stems from a crisis that falls across the path of the character on his journey. Conflict is not bickering or arguments. It is a battle of […]

Question on Sustaining Conflict

A Writer Asked:I have the hardest time creating book-long conflict. Can you give us any hints on what will be in your new book about how to come up with strong conflict for our stories? Conflict is a major thread that runs through my book, Writing the Christian Romance. Without conflict, we have no story […]