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Each week I will post on one of these temperaments define as a proto-psychological interpretation of the ancient medical concept of humorism and suggests that four bodily fluids affect human personality traits and behaviors. Hippocrates believed certain human moods, emotions and behaviors were caused by body fluids (called “humors”). The four temperaments are sanguine (pleasure-seeking […]


Writing a novel means developing realistic and 3-dimentional characters.  I begin by developing a backstory for each major character. What kind of home was he born into? What happened to him a child? A teenager? An adult before the story opens?  His lifestyle, education, occuasion, interests, successses, failures, secrets. Once I gather this inforation, I dig   deep into […]

Four Personalitiy Types For Characterization

Though I provided this information in March 2011, it’s worth reviewing again, because it provides a major way to create dynamic, three-dimensionsal characters for your fiction. When you locate the various personality types in your story,  you can build quality conflicts that catpures readers and hangs on. Though I’d studied the core personalities in my psychology […]

Building a 3-Dimensional Hero Using Core Personalities – Part II

After digesting the personalities of the four core types from Terrance Real’s book How Can I Get Through To You, you can see the opportunities to build some interesting characters and create dynamic conflicts. Consider plotting a thriller where two elitists are on opposing forces or plotting a romance with the one character being a […]

Part I – Building a 3-Dimensional Hero Using Core Personalities

Whether you write suspense, romance, or adventure, any genre needs 3-D characters. Author Mark Mynheir presented a workshop many months ago on characterization and suggested the use of the Myers Briggs personality test to help create dynamic characters by using the basic core personalities and then wrapping a backstory history around him. Here is a […]