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Story Part II: Where To Begin

The first step is finding stor(y)ies come from everywhere. Pieces of story elements pop into my mind in a variety of ways—song lyrics, magazine articles, newspaper or TV reports and features, movies or novels that trigger new ideas, interviews, friends and family’s experiences, observing others, and from my own experiences. And since I write Christian […]

What Is Theme?

A question appeared in the comments of this blog asking for more information about theme. I’d covered the topic in previous blogs, but the questioner asked me, “What is theme?” This is my attempt to respond. If you’d like to share other thoughts, please include them in the comments. One of the most difficult terms […]

Outlining #1 – Creating A Theme Or Purpose

Recently I listed five points to outlining a screen writing project presented in a class at Gideon Film Festival. These same five points work for fiction as well, and I believe that many screen writing techniques can enhance fiction. I was asked by one of my blog readers to expand on these ideas so this […]