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How To Write Great Description

Thanks so Steve Laube’s blog, I have enjoyed numerous amounts of good information to share with writers. This one is excellent since it not only provides great examples on using great description with all the senses, but it does it visually with a video. This video called How To Write Descriptively was written by Nalo […]

Keeping Your Writing Active

Suspense, mysteries, and westerns aren’t the only genres that need action. Keeping your story filled with action-packed verbs helps the plot to move and helps create a page-turner. Passive voice is only one kind of inactive writing. Selecting inexplicit verbs and deadwood sentence structure also stops authors form creating a moving, active story. Passive Voice […]

Six Steps To Improve Your Novel

Everyone wants to write a novel that grabs an agent or editor, but most of all, we want our work to grab readers. Here are six ways you can improve your novel. 1. Positive is nice but often boring. Authors create good-looking heros and heroines. They create sunshine for picnics, avoid character’s bad habits and […]