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Uses of Introspection

Years ago, I had a Q & A blog for Writers, and when I read these a month or so ago, I found some questions that are still pertinent today. So this post will take a look at Introspection and answer this readers question:┬áIs interior monologue direct thought or is it reflection? Is there a […]

How Foreshadowing Works

Foreshadowing is a technique that arouses readers curiosity and sometimes is so subtle they miss it the first time, but later in the story it provides them with an ah-ha moment. No matter how foreshadowing reaches the reader, it offers a solution to numerous problems. Providing too much backstory at one time becomes telling and […]

Description III: Presenting Action

Describing action brings a story to life, but the amount of description is regulated by the kind of action. Ask yourself these kinds of questions: How significant the action is to the plot? Does the action move the story forward and make a difference? Does the action create tension and deepen conflict? These are some […]