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The Word of Mouth Phenomenon

What most inspires you to see a movie? Is it a review? A trailer? You read the book? A friend made recommended it? Perhaps you use a combination of these, but a trailer often skews the actual quality of the movie. The laughs you have in a comedy trailer might be the only laughs in […]

Thnk outside The Box

Marketing In and Outside The Box

Most authors have learned the task of marketing and promoting their books whether they like it or not. Gone are the days of heavy duty promotion from traditonal publishers with all the new releases. Today traditional publishers are expecting authors to bear the brunt of promoting their own books. Publishers are letting go the publicity […]

Through An Editor’s Eye

At a recent writer’s conference, ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), I attended a workshop presented by two editors representing different publishers, Ami McConnell from Nelson and Becky Philpott from Zondervan, both being part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. They shared advice on how an editor views a novel, being considered for publication, based on four categories: […]

To Market, To Market

Marketing has broadened its scope from publisher marketing only to the expectation that the author will participate up to fifty percent in marketing the book. The author now participates in not only writing the novel but also in creating a title, cover design and some even write their own back cover blurbs. But even more […]

Naming Your Novel. . .And Other Trials

I’m one of those novelists who search for the perfect title, one that captures the mood, theme and core of the story. Once I make the decision, I weave the title into the story. Since I write mainly romance, let’s say I use the title Her Perfect Man. Somewhere near the end of the novel, […]


A Continuation of Self-Publishing and Piranhas This follow-up article continues James Watkins newsletter article on Self-Publishing And Piranhas . He is graciously allowed me to share this information with you. Feel free to visit Jim’s web pages filled with wise thoughts about writing, publishing, and marketing at: Realities of “Marketing”The first part of this […]