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The Heart of Your Novel – Part I

I recently read an article by Steven James in an older edition of Writers Digest magazine that pooh-poohs many of the ideas that are taught about writing fiction, and though I still think many of those techniques or elements work and have value, especially for a newer writers, I do agree on one approach is […]

Outlining a Novel – Step By Step

Not every author outlines a novel. I use a brief synopsis to set up my storyline not broken into scenes and I build from there. I build my characterization, and I know the beginning and ending of my novel along with the black moment. Then as I begin to write in more detail, I outline […]

Question: How Do You Create A Rough Plot Outine?

Numerous questions were asked by writers in my online course in January.  I wanted to share this one with you.My question is this: Do I start with a rough outline of scenes, using the checklist to insure the scene is driving the story, then go onto adding in sequels and plotting hooks? My response:  I […]

Outlining #5 – Pacing Needs Planning

The screenwriting outline article I shared with you lists a fifth and final major point for creating a dynamic story—pacing. Pacing is not only important for screenwriting. It is vital for plotting a novel. I’ve stressed this before in other articles on writing, but this will be a good review. 5. Pacing needs to flow […]