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When I first starting writing Shadowed in Silk I didn’t plan on it being a series, but as the story took shape I realized there was just too much going on in the lives of my secondary characters. The full story could only be told in a three book series Twilight of the British Raj. […]

Throw-Back Thursday Q & A: Ten Ways Authors Can Promote A Book

Using the idea of throwback Thursday, I looked at some of my old website posts from years ago, and found numerous ones that were significant for novelists and writers today. One feature I had was a list of Questions that I’d received from writers and my Answers. Today I will offer the updated post on: Question: What can […]

The Daughter of Highland Hall - Carrie T

Following The Research Trail to Highland Hall from Carrie Turansky

Today my guest blogger is award-winning novelist Carrie Turansky author of of more than a dozen novels and novellas. Her most recent novel The Daughter of Handland Hall is from The Edwardian Brides, Book 2. Thanks Carrie for telling the audience of Writing Fiction about your research experiences and techniques. Research is key for the historical novelist. I’ve found […]

Each Character Has His Story

Each character in a novel has his own story, even the villain. This brief vide is probably an ad for a restaurant but it reminds us that each person we see is carrying the burden or the joy of his own story…something that affects his life and his point of view. The  character’s story relates to […]

Her Most Suitable Bride

Imagery In Fiction by guest blogger Renee Ryan

I’m always pleased to introduce a guest blogger to share another take on an element or techinque in writing fiction. Today Renee Ryan visits us again with the topic: Imagery. You will find this fiction technique to be good for stimulating your creative juices. Imagery can enhance your story in a unique way.  So here’s […]

Thnk outside The Box

Marketing In and Outside The Box

Most authors have learned the task of marketing and promoting their books whether they like it or not. Gone are the days of heavy duty promotion from traditonal publishers with all the new releases. Today traditional publishers are expecting authors to bear the brunt of promoting their own books. Publishers are letting go the publicity […]


The Clear Enigma of An Oxymoron

Before enigma is defined for those who don’t know, one can be found in the title. If an enigma is clear or obvious then it’s not an enigma or a secret. And there is the crux. Definition An oxymoron is a figure of speech such other poetic devices such as a metaphor or simile is […]

Good Authors Make Writing Mistakes Too

Authors can get sidetracked in an attempted to add extra zing to their novels and create glaring mistakes that undermine their purpose. Here are a few of the mistakes that can be found in author’s manuscripts. Grab Readers On Page One Every author wants to hook the reader with a dynamic opening, such as beginning […]

Creating Suspense Through Backstory

Backstory fulfills a multitude of purposes from creating characterization, goals, motivation and conflicts. But today, think of backstory as a way to build suspense in novels from thrillers to romance. Suspense results from elements in your story that captures reader’s curiosity and pulls them forward searching for the answers. Will Sam find out about Andrea’s […]

Conflict That Lifts The Bar

Problems, crises and conflicts need solutions, but the conflict needs to be strong. It can’t be running out of wine at a party or disagreeing on what movie to see. You all know that arguments and disagreements aren’t worthy of being considered a conflict in fiction. A conflict needs to involve a vital situation or […]