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Part VIII – Suspense and Point of View

The rules for point of view follows the same criteria as it does for most fiction. Point of view is the character through which the scene is viewed. The scene can only offer the sights, sounds, tastes, touches and smells that can be provided by the POV character. It is that character’s perceptions and attitudes […]

Advice On Tactical Writing–POV

A good friend, Randy Ingermanson has given me permission to share this article with you on Point of View (POV) from his Advanced Fiction Writing blog. I believe that hearing information in a variety of ways helps an author learn even more. What one person says may not sink in, but when someone else says […]

Deep POV – Part II – Guest Post

Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s blog on writing offered you a look at Deep POV. This technique is significant in creating characters who are three-dimensional and believable. The process shares their deepest thoughts and emotion and helps the reader relate in a personal way to the character. Jennifer names a few techniques that will help define your […]

Deep POV – Part I – Guest Post

Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s Blog on writing caught my eye, and I asked her if I could share a little from her entries. Since I’v been blogging on POV, adding thoughts on Deep POV seems to be appropriate. Jennifer is a new link I’ve added to the blog’s links so you may want to check it […]

Selecting the POV Character

You know about POV styles and you can make decisions whether to use first or third singular or multiple POV in a story, but with so many choices, how do you decide which character should “own” which scenes. Which character needs to be the focus and can provide the reader with the more satisfying read. […]

Mixing First Person and Third Person POVs in A Novel

Mixing POVs is a technique most often used by an experienced and established writer. The reasons to do this can be varied, but the reason is also purposeful and not just one of an author’s fancy to do something different. 1. To focus a story on a single major character, an author might use First […]

Omniscient POV In Fiction

Omniscient POV is a style of the past. It was used like a narrator to set a tone or mood and most often to provide backstory for the reader. Today most authors avoid this style and only a few slip into narrative omniscient POV, using the technique as if someone is watching the story act […]

Third Person Singular or Multiple POV In Fiction

Third person POV is the most common form in fiction. It is the easiest to write, and most readers are accustomed to this style and can relate to it. Third person introduces characters by their names and uses the pronouns he, she, him, her, his and hers when making reference to the various characters. Third […]

Choosing Single or Multiple First Person POV

As the author, you’ll want to give careful thought to which POV style is better to present your story to readers. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, and those can be weighed to make a wise decision. While first person presents a more intimate view of the character, single first person POV focuses on […]

Defining Point Of View

Point of view (POV) is one of the most difficult elements of fiction to master. Besides knowing the kinds of POV available to you, you need to understand how to use POV in a polished and professional way, and finally the pros and cons of the various POV styles. Readers see and experience the story […]