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The Word of Mouth Phenomenon

What most inspires you to see a movie? Is it a review? A trailer? You read the book? A friend made recommended it? Perhaps you use a combination of these, but a trailer often skews the actual quality of the movie. The laughs you have in a comedy trailer might be the only laughs in […]

Throw-Back Thursday Q & A: Ten Ways Authors Can Promote A Book

Using the idea of throwback Thursday, I looked at some of my old website posts from years ago, and found numerous ones that were significant for novelists and writers today. One feature I had was a list of Questions that I’d received from writers and my Answers. Today I will offer the updated post on: Question: What can […]

Radio Interviews and You

Sometimes novelists are asked to do radio interviews. TV shows are done in the studio, but most radio shows are accomplished by telephone. Usually novelists are asked to call a short time before the interview so they can get mentally prepared as they listen to the style of the radio show. Once they hear their […]

Connecting with Readers To Promote Your Novels

No matter what type of books you write an author’s greatest need is to connect with readers. They’re out there, but helping them get to know you and your books is another story. When people walk into bookstores, they usually have a goal. They’re looking for “Famous Author” ‘s last novel or a book on […]

It’s Never To Early To Start Promoting

Have you already sold a novel? Is your work being promoted on the Internet? If you haven’t sold a novel, have you begun promoting yourself as an author? It’s difficult to calculate accurately how effective your promotion is, but I have found one way that gives me an idea and I want to share it […]